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Many Google sites users find it is difficult to insert Flash slideshows into the Google sites pages. To embed Flash SWF slideshow file to Google Sites is a bit of tricky. You may refer to these steps as following to easily play Flash shows on your Google Sites.

Step 1. Make Flash shows

Make your Flash file (.swf) with Adobe Flash or Flash software. Some useful flash slideshow software can easily make your photo albums into dynamic flash slideshows, for example, Flash Slideshow Maker.

Step 2. Upload Flash files to your Google Sites

Login to your Google Sites, navigate to your site, click “More Actions” on the top right corner and click the “Manage Site” menu item. Then add your flash files as attachment.

Step 3. Insert Flash to Google Sites

Open your Google sites page, click the HTML button to enter the Flash object embed code. And you are done.

If you are using the above Flash slideshow maker as suggested, you can make use of the generated HTML file, the flash object embed code can be found from it.