Sometimes you may have accidentally deleted the WhatsApp chat history, messages, photos, videos or other received attachments on iPhone. If you lost very important information included in your WhatsApp chats or messages, if you deleted very important photos and videos in WhatsApp, you may want to get them back. You can refer to below video demo and see how it can be done easily, even if no backups were created or saved.

You can also find more details from this guide to retrieve WhatsApp chats on iPhone.  If you have further inquiries, feel free to leave a comment below.

Have you saved a lot of photos, videos and other media files in your WhatsApp messenger? You can go to export those media files you want from your smartphone to computer, then delete them from your phone, this can free up the space for other data and storage.

Find and delete WhatsApp media files on the phone

If you are using an Android phone, you can use a file manager for Android to manage your files on the phone. You can choose ES file manage, MiXplorer, etc. Then go to the SD card/WhatsApp/Media, you can find all your media files for WhatsApp from there. WhatsApp photos, videos and more files can be found and deleted from there. Do back up those you like from mobile to computer before you delete them.

Recover WhatsApp media files on the phone

Normally you can uninstall and reinstall the app to recover chats and files in the most recent 7 days. However if you have deleted media files longer than that, you need to use a recovery program for Andriod. You may use the data recovery diamond. Download link to this tool can be found in this tools collection page.

Gathering of Bohemians

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Something reminds me the old style Chinese beds, wardrobes, ….

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finding rhapsody
in the crabapple tree

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Orchard Dance

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“Skirts of the Snow”

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skirts of snow
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With the proper tool, you can set up a shopping store in just couple of minutes. Setup a Magento shopping site easily with the One-click auto install. Create an ecommerce site with this most popular open source shopping cart software.

Watch on Youtube:

iTunes is the default transfer tool for iPhone. However it is not the easiest one. For example, you can use this free iTools to batch transfer multiple ringtones from computer to iPhone without iTunes or sync.



Watch this video on Youtube:
Transfer Ringtone to iPhone without iTunes Sync

Steps to Delete iPad Reading List – Youtube video demo

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This article was originally published on Free SSL Hosting

SSL ( short for Secure Sockets Layer), is a protocol to secure Internet communication. SSL hosting refers to the web hosting service that offers either paid or free SSL certificate installation and SSL protection on their hosting servers. Almost all online stores and shopping carts nowadays are protected by secure SSL certificate. A shopping website without SSL protection will be at great risk. Your customers won’t trust your web site without an SSL certificate. Online Safety has become so important that according to Gartner Research, nearly 70 percent of online shoppers have terminated an online order because they did not “trust” the transaction.

free SSL hosting website

Are there any FREE SSL hosting?

Normally it will occur a fee to enable SSL for your sites. Because your web hosting service provider needs to pay for SSL certificate. Only those certificate authority (CA) can issue SSL certificate. Some web hosts provide free SSL hosting though, such as Hostgator, Bluehost and Arvixe. But how can they offer free SSL certificate? We will cover this issue at the ending of this article.

What’s the normal price of SSL Hosting?

You can purchase a SSL certificate with a certificate authority (CA). There are many commercial CAs that charge for their services, like Symantec(formerly VeriSign), GeoTrust, RapidSSL. A standard SSL certificate with VeriSign sold for $995 per year. An entry level SSL certificate with VeriSign costs $399 per year. A entry level SSL certificate with GeoTrust (Basic inexpensive encryption) charges for $149 each year, standard business level SSL costs $199 for one year subscription. You can also purchase a SSL certificate with your web hosting as well. Web hosts are usually big SSL resellers, thus you can get great discounts if you buy SSL from a web host. If you already have a valid SSL Certificate, you can contact your hosting provider to install it. Your web host may charge a setup fee. If you do not have a SSL Certificate, and want to purchase it with your web host, they might be able to install it for you on the server without a setup fee. For example, Arvixe hosting charges only $25 each year for a standard SSL certificate plus free installation. Some web hosts provide their clients with free SSL certificate only in some hosting packages, such as the business hosting plan with Hostgator; many of them offer shared free SSL certificates to all hosting customers.

What is the Best FREE SSL hosting?

Hostgator is the best FREE SSL hosting provider. They are famous for fast servers, great reliability. And if you have an online store, shopping cart, or you just want to secure your users’ data, they can provide you the best SSL hosting. Free shared SSL secure servers are available for any hosting accounts (including the cheap hosting packages starter or baby plans) with them. If you have the Business Plan (Linux server, $11.96/month regular price) or Enterprise plan(windows server, $15.96/month regular price), you can request the free private SSL (dedicated SSL).

As we mentioned above, if you buy a SSL certificate with a certificate authority (CA), you may have to pay your web host for installation. Furthermore, SSL installation will require a static IP address which normally costs us $2/mo or more with any hosting companies. All these are offered completely free with their business host package by Hostgator.

free ssl certificate hosting hostgator

> > Visit Hostgator website for the details

Arvixe is another excellent Free SSL hosting provider. If you buy their business class hosting plans, you are eligible for the Free SSL certificate for life. Their business class hosting for Linux cost $22/month, business class hosting for Windows cost $27/month. Please note that Arvixe provides free SSL hosting for lifetime which means Arvixe will renew your SSL certificate year after year without renewal fee as long as you use their hosting service. What makes their free SSL hosting even great is that if you order SSL certificate with a CA somewhere else, they will install your SSL on your sites without any fee!

best free dedicated SSL hosting

> > Visit Arvixe website for the details

Why Shared SSL hosting goes free?

To enable Dedicated SSL on a website, you will need to get an SSL Certificate that identifies you and install it on the server. Free shared SSL certificate on the other end does not require extra configuration as it should be set up on the web server by most quality web hosting service. A Dedicated SSL is not cheap (we have list some of the most SSL certificate authorities and their offer in the upper section of this article, you can go back and check out the price.) and a shared SSL is usually free with many web hosts. Then why should you choose Dedicated SSL other than shared SSL? What’s the advantages of Dedicated SSL over shared SSL? The answer to these two questions could probably clear another issue at the same time: Why Shared SSL hosting are free?

The answer is actually very simple, shared free SSL certificate is normally installed on a sub domain name of your web host not your own. Other than, the URL will redirect from your own domain to some one like With e-commerce website, your customers expect to see your domain in the URL without redirection or any browser error warning. Even if visitors can see your site, the shared SSL URL will make customers uncomfortable submitting their credit card information through your website. That’s why most online shopping stores prefer a paid private SSL hosting instead of free shared SSL hosting. Your web host install a Wildcard SSL certificate on a server for all hosting clients to secure their main domain and unlimited number of its subdomains without extra fee. That is the reason why you get free shared SSL hosting. And at the same time, that is why you need private SSL for shopping carts. The shared free SSL certificate is intended to be used in situations where you wish to have a secure connection to the server that is not typically seen by the general public. For example, when logging into the administration area of your website. Private SSL (dedicated SSL) is recommended for e-commerce sites. A free SSL certificate can protect your web pages, scripts, image and other web data as a standard certificate, but by referring visitors to another secured URL other than your domain does not give your website a proffesional business website impression.

You can transfer PDF files from computers, PC or Mac, to your bookshelf in iBooks for the iPad. Check out this page if you just like to download PDF files from website to your iPad. Following steps apply to PDF sync through iTunes, you will learn how to add PDF files from your PC / Mac to iPad.

How to Transfer PDF files to iPad

Step 1. Add PDF to iTunes
Step 2. Add PDF to iTunes
Step 3. Transfer PDF files to iPad via iTunes

Sync PDF to iOS via iTunes

Following is a video guide on Youtube:

Transfer iPhone Video

Just get the new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c? Unlike the Android system, iPhone has a relatively closed system. There are many things you find easy on an Android mobile might become very hard on iPhone. For example, the videos sharing and transfer between two iPhones. When we talk about file sharing or transfer on iOS devices, we might think about iTunes and a computer as the middleman. However there are professionally designed iOS transfer apps can help you actually copy around videos and images between two iOS devices directly, such as from iPhone to iPad, iPhone to another iPhone, iPad to iPad, iPad to iPhone.

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